EB Council Looks At Drone Use

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Although the Elephant Butte City Council’s January 24 special meeting included several actions, the afternoon’s liveliest discussion focused on the potential introduction of regulations to control operation of drones (“small-unmanned aircraft”), within the city.
Councilors were presented with a proposed ordinance (No.171), which was forwarded from the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) following an extensive review and discussion of the matter.
Board members were told a series of citizen complaints pertaining to suspicious operation of drones prompted the P&Z’s review.
Councilors acknowledged reports of drones flying at low levels around private residences and discussed how they might best address what could potentially be illegal activity.
While expressing sensitivity to privacy concerns, councilor Edna Trager shared her personal interest in drone aircraft. She noted how legal operations might be misinterpreted by individuals unfamiliar with their uses and standard operational methods. She suggested an educational effort might be necessary to clarify issues.