Drug Ring Busted, Another 4 Arrested

By: GPK Media

By Frances Luna | SENTINEL

The ongoing efforts between the Truth or Consequences Police Department and Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office have lead to the arrest of four more individuals who were apparently working together to distribute a variety of drugs in the area.

The two agencies have been working diligently for months to crack down on the drug community within Truth or Consequences, making four arrests last week and another four this week.

Information was obtained by a concerned citizen about possible drug trafficking at a T-or-C business on South Broadway called “Hella Fresh Clothing Inc.” Further investigation through state and federal databases, as well as a T-or-C business license, revealed that the company was owned by Todd Jager. Information regarding how Jager and his associates were smuggling the drugs from the El Paso and Las Cruces area was also obtained.

Through cooperation with other agencies it was learned that in 2011 El Paso Police Department Narcotic Agents purchased cocaine from Jager and a woman identified as “Jessie.” Charges had not been filed, as the investigation was ongoing.

Surveillance of Jager’s home at 418 Birch was conducted within the past two weeks, documenting a number of vehicles that went to the home, and occupants entering the residence and staying less than five minutes and leaving. One of the vehicles outside the residence was determined to be used by an associate of Jager, who was eventually identified as Jacob White, also known as “Spanky.”

On July 28 a blue Ford Focus traveled through the Border Patrol checkpoint on I-25 with White and a woman, later identified as Jessie R. Lowman-Fenton. The two made their way through T-or-C and to Jager’s Birch Street residence.

As part of the investigation, officers observed White travel to Ralph Edwards Park where he met up with three young individuals for a brief period of time and then return to Jager’s home. One of the three was a minor, known to be on probation for possession of marijuana. A short time later, on the same day, Jager, Lowman, White and a fourth man went to Wal-Mart in the same vehicle.

Undercover agents went to a business near Jager’s Birch Street home few days later asking about purchasing ……..