Couple Arrested After Stabbing

Police beat

T-or-C Police Officers arrested a man and woman following a domestic disturbance during which the man was stabbed and the woman threatened with a butcher knife. Police were flagged down in the area of Third and Ash Streets about the domestic disturbance occurring at 308 E. Third St. around 5:30 p.m. Saturday evening, April 19. Police arrived at the residence and located Jeffery Holcomb, 48, whose right forearm was wrapped with a t-shirt to stop the bleeding from a stab wound. Holcomb’s girlfriend, Deborah Soape, was located in a back bedroom of the residence along with her father. Soape reportedly told police that the couple had gotten into an argument when Holcomb accused her of having an affair and she proceeded to stab Holcomb in the arm with a …..