County Objects To Funding Grabs

By: GPK Media

At their December 17 regular meeting, Sierra County Commissioners approved two separate resolutions and accompanying communications, which were aimed at halting proposed funding changes at the state and federal level.
The first measure commissioners addressed pertained to proposed legislation being introduced by State Representative Patricia Lundstrom, which seeks to reclaim a percentage of Spaceport-related Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) revenues currently shared by Sierra and Doña Ana counties. Voters in both counties originally approved one-quarter percent GRT levies, of which 75-percent was earmarked to support operations of the spaceport district, and the remaining 25 percent targeted was toward spaceport-related projects.
In Sierra County, the original special election resolution called for the 25-percent earmarked for spaceport projects to be directed to the T-or-C School District, with the expressed intent to expand and improve ongoing science, engineering, technical and mathematics programs. Representative Lundstrom’s proposal would tap into this 25-percent.
In the related resolution (102-057) and a formal letter to Education Secretary-Designate Hanna Skandera, Sierra County Commissioners said the proposed change would significantly alter the conditions upon which voters originally approved the GRT levy and would essentially be unacceptable…..