City Prepares To ‘Share’ Fiscal Pains

By: GPK Media

As they convened for their regular meeting Tuesday evening, May 14, Truth or Consequences City Commissioners said that the afternoon’s budget workshop and process of developing an interim budget for the coming fiscal year was less than a pleasant exercise.
The evening’s agenda included consideration of a resolution to send the preliminary budget to Santa Fe, but as members addressed the item, it became clear that city leaders were not yet prepared to endorse the fiscal plan before them.
Commissioner Steve Green said the budget workshop and associated number crunching did not make for a happy day and immediately indicated his displeasure with potential cuts aimed at the city’s non-profit sub-recipient organizations.
While not detailing the amount of funding cuts being considered, Green urged administrative staff members to re-examine the numbers and, if possible, find approximately $50,000 “so we don’t cut off support of the sub-recipient organizations.” Green went on to say the groups include the Sierra Joint Office on Aging, Sierra Health Council, Domestic Abuse Intervention Center and other non-profit service organizations.
Commissioner Jeff Richter also said he was not yet pleased with the preliminary budget, and in direct contrast to Green’s comments, said he felt additional cuts were warranted and recommended sending the measure back to staff members for this purpose.
Commissioner Mike Kertesz said he too was…