City Moves Toward Contract With FST

City of Truth or Consequences

After receiving a number of public comments during a special meeting Tuesday evening, February 3, Truth or Consequences City Commissioners unanimously approved a motion directing administrative staff to finalize a proposed contract between the city and Albuquerque-based Follow the Sun Tours.
With this action, commissioners showed their intent to review and potentially approve the proposed agreement during their upcoming February 10 meeting. If endorsed, the contract will allow Follow the Sun Tours to temporarily base future tours of Spaceport America in downtown T-or-C, at the Lee Belle Johnson Senior Recreation Center building.
The proposed move affirms the city commission’s desire to create an interim spaceport visitors center at the Lee Belle Johnson site, which will also serve as a hub for chamber of commerce information and a variety of other tourism-based programs.
Prior to their decision, commissioners took comments from a number of citizens who attended the special session…