Adios Bluewaters

By: GPK Media

By Chuck Wentworth SENTINEL

What many area residents might best remember as the Bluewaters Saloon, located at the corner of Warm Springs Boulevard and Highway 195 in Elephant Butte, was quickly reduced to a pile of rubble, clearing the way for future development of the property.

During its functional life, the former saloon also served as a temporary gathering place for members of the Church at the Butte, as well as a primary venue for quilting and woodworking exhibitions during recent Elephant Days celebrations. In its heyday, the popular bar had hosted up and coming country artists, as well as serving as a community gathering place to meet, dance and have a cool brew on a hot day.

Last week, Bartoo Sand & Gravel crews attended to the demolition of T-or-C’s long standing Buckhorn Bar, which the Bluewaters Saloon now joins as a historic memory.