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County Censures Former Clerk

With a unanimous vote Tuesday, February 21, Sierra County Commissioners approved Resolution 105-078, formally censuring former county clerk Connie Greer. Board members took this action after agreeing Greer’s conduct prior to leaving office clearly violated the county’s established code of ethics…

TCPD Catch Criminals In The Act

Truth or Consequences Police have been kept busy taking numerous reports of burglaries in recent months. The great police work can be attributed to the arrest of two alleged burglars caught in the act this past week who broke into properties in the same area on East Third Ave…

Gallagher Confirmed As Cabinet Secretary
Gallagher Confirmed

The New Mexico State Senate voted unanimously on Wednesday, Feb. 22 to confirm Lynn Gallagher as Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH). Gallagher was appointed as…

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