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Collective Bargaining Agreement Passes

After an epic two and a half hour executive session the school board came back in and took their seats. Calling the regular session back to order a motion was put forward, seconded and voted on, unanimously passing. “We have a contract,” said board president Jay Johnson. With those words, the room broke into applause. The school 2017-18 collective bargaining agreement had passed, days before school was scheduled to start…

Getting The Word Out
City of Truth or Consequences

Earlier this year, Truth or Consequences mayor Steve Green gained the city commission’s support to develop a relocation packet, which could be provided or mailed to potential community residents. With the assistance of city staff members and community volunteers, a selection of local brochures, pamphlets and

Out Of Gas Driver Leads Police To Stolen Truck
Police beat

A Kerrville, Texas man has been arrested on charges of taking a motor vehicle after he admitted to driving a pickup truck that was not his.
A truck driver called police Friday afternoon, August 11 when the driver of a white Ford pickup continually used hand gestures to the trucker and was following him for nearly 20 minutes. When New Mexico State Police stopped the white Ford they met

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